Can't import a new application via DSL it fails with error

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have an application which we want to create clone of. To do so we exported this application as JSON file and then with new feature of DSL tried to import the same and we find that import fails with below error.

FAILED: Failed to import APPLICATION "A6_test"
    Failed to import SC_FLOW With Reference Id @test01/test01/1.0/Flows/delay flow,Shared Component test01/test01/1.0 Not Mapped to Sever Type @Server Type 1 

CA Release Automation: 6.5

The above error is valid and the reason for the above error is below.

1: In the application which is exported user have some "Shared Components" alias SC assigned to certain server types

2: Using the SC flows users had created some processes in specific environments and published the same.

3: Later on in progressive design phase they did some refactoring and unassigned SC's from all server types and map them to specific dedicated server types. Doing so have break the process which can be found when you try to go to process tab and check for conflicts in that process.

4: But as the published process is still holding context of actions and flows from last associated SC the exported JSON has those attributes and hence importing same fails with above error.


There are two corrective resolution for the problem.

Workaround 1

  1. Correct all the processes where check conflict is breaking by either removing those published tags in environments and modifying process in process tab
  2. Export again the application as JSON
  3. Try to import the exported JSON back via DSL

Workaround 2

  1. In case if you are not ascertain about which processes are with conflicts or you have lot of processes in your application making it cumbersome to find same, try to associated the SC which listed in above error during import with respected Server type
  2. Export the application as JSON
  3. Try to import the exported JSON back via DSL
Additional Information:

Please refer to how to import application via DSL document on "DSL: Importing application using UI"