Can't connect from 8.0 registry to the 9.1 Enterprise Dashboard

Document ID : KB000004766
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are unable to connect from an 8.0 Registry to the  9.1 version of the Enterprise Dashboard.even though the CIC Service shows running.


When starting up the 8.x Registry, we receive an error


"The Enterprise Dashboard Server at 'tcp://<hostname>:2003/EnterpriseDashboard'

could not be contacted, and no current activation was found in the local

activation cache for this registry.


This registry will not be allowed to start until it can be activated by a

valid Enterprise Dashboard Server.


Please contact your DevTest System Administrator or contact

CA Customer Support for more information."

All supported DevTest versionsLatest version of Enterprise Dashboard running on a Linux machineDevTest 8.x running on a different Linux machine

Enterprise Dashboard CIC must be up and running for this connection to be made.  Although you see 'running' when you do a ./EnterpriseDashboardCICService status on the Linux machine, it did not start correctly.


We looked at the DevTest_HOME\database folder and saw that the database for the Enterprise Dashboard CIC was not created.  There was a permission issue with the user starting the Enterprise Dashboard CIC Service


There are two resolutions for this issue

1.  Give the user appropriate permissions to run this service

2.  Run the service as root

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