Cannot View UNAB Endpoint in World View

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have UNAB installed on some boxes but cannot see the relevant entities of these in the WorldView of the Enterprise Manager UI.



UNAB r12.x, ENTM 12.x


UNAB's agent component is sending a heartbeat every 60 minutes (default) to the Distribution Server which will forward it to the ENTM.

This value can be modified in

# vi /opt/CA/uxauth/uxauth.ini
; Specifies the interval in seconds for sending heartbeat to the CA ControlMinder Distribution Host (DH)
; Default value: 3600
heartbeat_send_interval = 3600

Should  the issue still remain please submit the following commands in a root shell of the UNAB box:

# /opt/CA/uxauth/lbin/ stop
# rm -rf /opt/CA/uxauth/log/debug/*
# /opt/CA/uxauth/lbin/ restart
# /opt/CA/uxauth/bin/uxconsole -debug -m agent -v 3

-> wait for at least the duration of your configured heartbeat_send_interval or better keep it running for let's say three hours
-> collect /opt/CA/uxauth/log/debug/agent_debug
-> restart UNAB to disable the trace again
   # /opt/CA/uxauth/lbin/ restart


Please see the file /opt/CA/uxauth/log/debug/agent_debug
You should see something like
20160922184513.182826 T3995851456 L 5: Scheduler: Preparing heartbeat command
20160922184513.185426 T3995851456 L 5: Scheduler: Sent heartbeat to DMS - editres HNODE ("") node_type+(ACUNAB) latest_keep_alive("09/22/16@18:45") node_version+("UNAB:") node_ip+("") node_info("Linux 3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64 x86_64, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo)") unab_id("1801a8c0-2759-0001-7ced-e357ca000000") node_type-("ACU")

You should NOT see something like
20160922204806.375141 T3995851456 L 1: ACMQ_Init: Failed to connect to the Distribution Server, error = 11 (Server not connected)

UNAB's heartbeat destination is controlled by this token in/opt/CA/AccessControlShared/accommon.ini
Distribution_Server = ssl://FQDN.of.DS:7243

Please confirm the TCP connectivity between the UNAB host and the specified Distribution Server and the communication port (7243) being unblocked.

Also, should it become necessary please issue on the UNAB box this command in a root shell
# ./acuxchkey -t -pwd <password>

to set the communication password you used for the installation of the ENTM

Reboot the box and confirm UNAB and the ReportAgent started up correctly.
The UNAB's agent module will send a heartbeat to the TIBCO message Q on the DS to register.
After a few minutes at the most you should find a representation of the UNAB box in ENTM WorldView etc.


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