Cannot use / or : in the SNMPv3 username in CA Spectrum which is a requirement for Cisco Meraki

Document ID : KB000073422
Last Modified Date : 07/06/2018
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When modeling an SNMPv3 capable device in CA Spectrum the SNMPv3 username cannot have a / or : in it.

When we put the username into an SNMPv3 profile it doesn't work if the username (which is vendor generated and we can't change it) has a forward slash / in.

When Spectrum puts the user & password info into the Community string attribute it would look like this in OneClick using u/id12345 as the user ID, Password1 for auth and Password2 for privacy:


The logic divides each field up by the / which would mean Spectrum thinks the user ID is actually "u" and it ignores the rest.
Spectrum code did not allow for a / or : to be part of the username as Spectrum's delimiter was a /
This is resolved in Spectrum_10.02.01.PTF_10.2.183 for 10.2.1.

This is a Program Temporaray Fix for the following issue: Symptom:

Characters ":" and "/" cannot be used in SNMPV3 username, auth and priv paswords.
Resolution: Characters ":" and "/" can be used in SNMPV3 username, auth and priv paswords.
(DE162018, 00958600 )

This has also be fixed in the 10.2.3 BMP patch Spectrum_10.02.03.BMP_10.2.301.

This fix will be included in 10.3 once released.