Cannot use or create new filters in Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Reports

Document ID : KB000095757
Last Modified Date : 15/05/2018
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When attempting to use and update an ad hoc view with a filter on a date field, that filter doesnt expand when the arrow is clicked to show the field enabling you to fill in a value.   We noted that the filter on that date field showed the operator set to "greater then or equal to", which is not a valid operator in the list.  Additionally if we attempt to delete the filter, and then click on Apply, the filter comes back.
CA PPM 15.x and above
We believe this is most likely caused by the fact that this adhoc view was created when the system was on an older version of Jasper, which had the filter operator of "greater then or equal to" available, but since the jasper upgrade to 6.4.2, that operator no longer exists, and thus the system was struggling with that filter.
Click on the operator for that filter and choose "on or after", then click apply.  This will take a moment and then will allow you to input a value for that filter field.  You should also now be able to delete that filter, and click apply, which the filter should no longer come back.

Additionally, you may want to go back through all older ad-hoc views/reports to check that the filters have valid operators, this will help to avoid running into this problem again in the future.