Cannot see newly created Objects / Attributes through SQL Tool

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Last Modified Date : 27/06/2018
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When a new Object or an Attribute is created it instantly creates a table / column associated with it. 

For example:
- Attribute created under Project Object with attribute id = 'Test_Attribute". 
- This instantly creates a 'Test_Attribute' column under ODF_CA_PROJECT table.

When you immediately try to verify the same by executing a SELECT query through any SQL Tool  (Eg. SQL Developer, Toad, etc) the newly created columns are not listed.
Cannot see newly created Objects / Attributes through SQL Tools?
CA PPM On Demand 

On SaaS Database we have a SYNONYMS Job which is scheduled to run every 2 hours this is when the alias is created. Once this Job completes users can successfully query the newly created objects or attributes through SQL tool.

A synonym is an alias for a schema object. It provides a level of security by masking the name and owner of an object and by providing location transparency for remote objects of a distributed database. And makes it convenient to use and reduce the complexity of SQL statements for users.

NOTE: These newly created Objects / Attributes can be consumed through PPM UI immediately.