Cannot see a Workflow Action under the Actions List on a Ticket

Document ID : KB000031729
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A Workflow Action is used to progress a ticket from one Status to another or one Phase to next phase. When a user clicks on the Actions button on a ticket is not able to see the expected Workflow Action.To resolve this issue the Administrator may need to run through the below checklist to validate the configurations.


Applies to all supported environments for the release


  1. Check the Ticket Type of the Workflow Action.
    One workflow action is related to one Ticket Type only. If a workflow action is related to Ticket Type Service Request, it will appear on a Service Request Ticket only. If similar action should show up for Incident Tickets also, Administrator will need to create a New Workflow Action with Ticket Type set to Incident Ticket.
  2. Check the Matching Conditions of the Workflow Action
    Next item to review should be the Matching Conditions of the Workflow Action.
    The behavior of the Matching Condition tab and the Set Fields Tab is explained below:
    IF the present condition of the Ticket is matching with the criteria mentioned under the Matching Conditions Tab of the Action, let the Action appear on the Ticket.
    THEN after saving the action apply all the values that are specified under the Set Fields of the Action on the ticket.
    Now using an example to explain this problem, say the Workflow Action has been configured with matching conditions as (Status = New AND Phase = Evaluation). However though the Ticket has a Status of 'New', but the Phase field is set to 'Implementation', then in that case the matching condition is not satisfied and the workflow action will not show on the ticket. To resolve this problem matching conditions of the workflow action should be adjusted.
  3. Check the Permissions granted to the Workflow Action.
    By default when a Workflow Action is created only the Administration group has permissions to it. Grant permissions to a specific user, group or role from the Permissions Tab of the Workflow Action