Cannot get detail information of transaction from continuous application insight agent in DevTest Portal.

Document ID : KB000006103
Last Modified Date : 20/02/2018
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Detailed information of transactions generated from Continuous Application Insight(CAI) agent is missing from the transaction detail dialog.

To reproduce the problem, capture the transactions by using the CAI agent. Here are the steps to reproduce the problem by using the demo server (located in %LISA_HOME\DemoServer\lisa-demo-server) as a typical example:

  1. Start the Enterprise Dashboard, Registry, Broker, DevTest Portal and DemoServer
  2. Login to the DevTest Portal (as admin)
  3. Select Settings->Agents

  4. Select agent named "JBoss_LISABank" in the Agents tab

  5. Check the check box "Select All" and select the menu "Full Data" at the "Protocol Capture" pull-down at the "Adjust Capture for Protocol" part in the Agents tab

  6. Invoke "Kiosk.bat"(%LISA_HOME%\examples_src\kiosk folder),

    select users/accounts maintenance icon

    and login as admin
  7. Operate to add user and to update user and logout/exit Kiosk

  8. Back to Portal and Select Application Insight->Analyze Transactions

  9. Click the link for one of the transactions (Example.  /itkoExampleEJB3UserControlBea.listUsers)
  10. Select an EJB node at the path graph in the transaction detail dialog

  11. The Frame tab for the transaction detail dialog shows information. However Request/Response tabs do not have any information(empty).
    Frame tab:

    Request tab:

    Response tab:


There are not any workarounds to show the detailed request and response information.

DevTest 10.0

This is a known defect of DevTest Portal for DevTest 10.0.


Please contact CA Support and open a case to handle this problem to get the solution. CA support will deliver the patch for this problem.