Cannot find the user abend code returned by DB00704I message

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The execution of a CA Datacom application program completes with a U0004 abend but the joblog shows also the following error message:

DB00704I - USER ABEND - nnnnn



Where can I find the info about the nnnnn abend code returned by CA Datacom?






As it can be read on the "ABEND (Abnormal Termination Command)" section of the "Chapter 9: Commands" of the CA Datacom Programming Guide manual, the DB00704I message and the U0004 abend code are returned because the program has issued a Datacom ABEND command.


When CA Datacom/DB receives an ABEND command, a console message is issued. The message is: DB00704I - USER ABEND - xxxxx where xxxxx is the first five bytes of the work area.

A region dump occurs unless NODUMP was specified in the work area. CA Datacom/DB then closes the tables that are open.

If a User Requirements Table is open with transaction backout specified, the maintenance done by the transaction is automatically reversed.

In z/VSE, the job step is canceled due to a program request. In z/OS, the job step abends with a user 0004. If the first five work area bytes are Unnnn, where U is a constant and nnnn is a number less than 4096, the step abends with the specified number.

When running in MUF mode, the job step terminates immediately, not waiting until the MUF completes the transaction backout and close.


Additional Information:

Complete description of the ABEND command can be found here