Cannot Activate cisco_ucm probe on a Linux Redhat system

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Last Modified Date : 04/06/2018
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cisco_ucm probe fails to start on Linux Redhat

Error captured controller log:
 Probe 'cisco_ucm' FAILED to start (exec) (command = /opt/nimsoft/probes/application/cisco_ucm/cisco_ucm) error = (-1) Unknown error 18446744073709551615
RedHat 64Bit
The cisco_ucm probe is natively a 32-bit application and requires the 32-bit library
Step 1: Verify if the i686 library is installed on the Linux system

Command examples:
**rpm -qa | grep -i glibc
**yum info compat-libstdc++*

Step 2. Install the 32 bit library on the Linux OS if is not installed