Cannot access Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management web page. Error returned: "Access denied because the cache service is stopped. The application cannot be used until the cache service has been started.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am receiving the above message when trying to access Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management (UAPM). The application log of the Event Viewer shows an entry with a type of 'Error', but there is no text associated with the entry.
When I run the ConnectTest.exe from the following location, everything is successful
except the setting of the argis connect properties and initialization. I receive the following message.
Initialization of ArgisConnect failed: -2146233088 iexceptn.CException
ArgisConnect properties - AppName =, Databasename = mdb, DatabaseType = SQL SERVER"


Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management (UAPM) 11.3.4


This message is returned when the UAPM application is pointing to a database (MDB) that is not at the same level.
1. Run the following query against the database to determine the MDB level.

Select dfvalue from <tableowner>.arg_argdeflt where dfkey = 'DBUtility Version';

2. Compare the result to the iconnect.dll version.

To find the iconnect.dll version:

  1. Browse to C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\APM Common Services,

  2. Right click on the iconnect.dll

  3. Click properties

  4. Select the version tab

  5. The iconnect.dll file version will be listed.

     The versions should be the same.
      If not, then the database or the application must be upgraded.