Cannot access UARM server.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The UAR UI is not available or logon is failing and/or events are no longer appear to be collected.


UAR, all currently supported versions.


During a reboot of the UAR server or restart of UAR services if there is insufficient disk space to store configuration files they can become corrupted (0 byte) and cause UAR to not function correctly. The .conf files can sometimes become corrupted even if sufficient disk space is available so if you are having problems accessing the UAR UI after a restart checking these steps can be useful.


1. Logon to the UAR server (caelmadmin) then switch to root (su -)

2. cd to: /opt/CA/SharedComponents/iTechnology

3. Run: ls -la|grep .conf

4. Check the size of the following files: iAuthority.conf, iControl.conf, igateway.conf, iPoz.conf and Spin.conf.

5. If any show as having a file size of '0' (zero) you will need to replace them from a backup of the file.

6. If file replacement is needed: Stop the igateway process (if not already stopped) using: ./S99igateway stop.

7. Copy the backed up .conf file and replace the zero byte corrupted .conf file.

8. Restart the igateway process using: ./S99igateway start.

9 Wait about 5 minutes for all the igateway related processes to restart then test to see if you can now access the UAR UI and confirm event collection. 

Additional Information:

You should preferably be backing up the .conf and other related files and the UAR DB files as described in 'Appendix D: Disaster Recovery' in the UAR Implementation Guide. These backups will give you all the needed files to build a new replacement UAR server if you have a major failure.

At the minimum you should backup the listed .conf files so they can be replaced in case they become corrupted. You will want to save them to a separate directory and not in the iTechnology directory through a filename extension.  

If you encounter problems with *.conf files of '0' byte and do not have any backups of the files please contact CA Support for assistance.