Cancelling an Informatica job in OM8/v9/v10 shows the job as aborted in Informatica but hangs

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Cancelling an Informatica job in OM8/v9/v10 shows the job as aborted in Informatica but hangs


Cancelling an Informatica job in OM8/v9/v10 shows the job as aborted in Informatica but seems to hang in Automic's OM8/v9/v10.


When we stop an Informatica Workflow job from Automic, we issue a pmcmd stopworkflow command and set the status to Aborted.  If the Informatica job is canceled, you can see the kill command in the Report and the status in the messages window in OM8/v9/v10.   After that Automic gathers workflowdetails and any output files as specified in their job definition.  The job stays in the Activities window until the transfers are complete.  If it takes a long time for these transfers to complete the Informatica job may appear to be hung.


If the Informatica job remains in the Activities windows for a prolonged period of time, it may be that it is having trouble retrieving the details and more specifically the output transfers.  Request the following information:

-    Informatica RA Agent version
-    Informatica Product version**
-    TRACE (ra=9), Report output, Informatica WF log

** There are performance differences and changes in the Informatica command line utilities between Informatica 8 and 9.  Informatica doesn't support v8, so we have removed it from out support matrix as new command line utilities and API changes are only included in the v9 line.  However, that doesn't mean we wouldn't work with Informatica v8 depending on the RA version being used, but it may be trickier to support and upgrade in the long term so upgrading to Informatica v9 is something to be considered.

1)    Is this an older version of the Informatica RA Agent?  If so, some versions didn't allow for specifying output options.
2)    Are you using one of the Output options that transfer every single session log?
3)    How many Informatica jobs are you running when experiencing the slowness?
4)    How many session outputs are being transferred?
5)    What is the performance of the database at the time?
6)    Do you need every single session log transferred to Automic?

Once you have gathered the above information forward it on to Automic Support for further analysis.

Example of In-house Output Transfer Test Results for Comparison

This was done with AE v9, RA Informatica Agent 3.1.1, and Informatica 9.5.1. We switched on the Always output transfer option for one of the larger Informatica WorkFlow jobs (it has close to 100 session tasks). That means it will transfer every output file for every session.

Stop command sent from Automic at:  23:04:48
End time from Informatica is:    23:04:54
End time in Automic: 23:06:44

Same Job using the Never output option. This only transfers the WF log and Report. It's a difference of transferring 2 files versus close to 100:
Stop command sent from Automic at:  23:26:15
End time from Informatica is:    23:26:22
End time in Automic : 23:26:30

This end time will actually be improved further in the next version of the Informatica RA Agent (newer than v3.1.1) when the Never option is selected.