Can you use VM:Backup to back up VM:Account minidisks?

Document ID : KB000031732
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Yes, you can use CA VM:Backup to back up these CA VM:Account minidisks without quiescing them:

? The 191 (LOCAL) minidisk, containing the PROFILE EXEC, the VMACCT CONFIG file, and locally modified files

? The 192 (RUNTIME) minidisk, containing program material

? The 1C0 (CONTROL) minidisk, containing customer lists, project lists, and cost tables

To back up the CA VM:Account 1B0 (COLLECT) minidisk, select the QUIESCE option in the CA VM:Backup exception file. When the backup runs, CA VM:Backup looks to see if the quiesce user exit (VMBEXIT2) exists. If you choose to define this user exit, code the exit to issue return code 4 to allow CA VM:Backup to use the CP SMSG facility to quiesce the 1B0 minidisk. If the VMBEXIT2 user exit does not exist, CA VM:Backup uses the CP SMSG facility to ask CA VM:Account to quiesce the 1B0 minidisk.