Can we use 3-digit session numbers in CA TPX?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have customized panels TEN0041 and TEN0010 to use session numbers as described in the VMAN Conversion documentation (see TEC503829).



Is it possible to expand the 2-digit session numbers to 3-digit session numbers so that we can have more than 99 sessions?



If you are using the provided TPXUCMND which works with a numerical value entered in the command line of the menu (see TEC503829), then the exit is capable of dealing with 3 digit numbers.

The MODEL statement on the TEN0041 and TEN0010 panels needs to be changed.  Insert an additional space between _Z<z and <UENTUSER+, shifting the remaining fields to the right as needed.


  _Z<z <UENTUSER+ <z       + <z       + <z        +        ¬z                 +


  _Z<z  <UENTUSER+ <z       + <z       + <z        +       ¬z                 +


A similar change must also be made to TEN0010.


Additional Information:

TEC503829 - Can I use numbers to activate sessions from the TPX menu?