Can we reboot the Operating System without shutting down the SPECTRUM processes? (Legacy KB ID CNC TS34382 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can we reboot the Operating System without shutting down the SPECTRUM processes?
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As per the design concurrent access to the SpectroSERVER database by multiple users of CA-developed programs is not permitted. SPECTRUM applies a soft lock file (.VNMDB.LOCK) to prevent access from more than one CA-developed application at the same time. Under certain circumstances (for example, when recovering from an abnormal shutdown), the soft lock file can be removed.  An abnormal shutdown will corrupt the SpectroSERVER database.  An example of an abnormal shutdown is if the SpectroSERVER machine were to be powered off abruptly.  Another example of an abnormal shutdown is if the operating system is instructed to shut down without first stopping the SpectroSERVER process.  The SpectroSERVER process MUST be stopped prior to shutting down the operating system.  Failure to do so results in database corruption.  If there is database corruption, you must take care to save and reload the SpectroSERVER database from the Spectrum Control Panel (be sure to select Yes when asked to initialize the database).  Failure to do the initialization and reload will result in running with a corrupt database which will lead to further complications.

When CA-developed applications encounter a database lock file, an error message is generated to alert you to the situation. However, non-CA tools and applications may not check for this lock and therefore, do not generate any message. Furthermore, if these non-CA entities are able to bypass the lock, database corruption may result. As a result, before allowing any non-CA tool or application to access a SPECTRUM database, you should make sure that all SPECTRUM processes are shut down.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS34382 )