Can we install in an active-active Microsoft cluster?

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Last Modified Date : 11/06/2018
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We know that BSI does support a highly available cluster environment.
Can we also install it in an active-active Microsoft cluster environment?
First, as mentioned above, we do have instructions for using MSCS to setup a highly available environment and that will work fine.
The instructions for that are included here:
  We don't provide instructions for an active-active environment using MSCS. Specifically where you are going to have trouble is with the Application server, because you cannot have identical PSL instances running on different nodes.
The second one to startup would fail. You may also run into issues with the MSMQs on the APP. The Web server can be run in an active-active configuration and many clients do so.
Additionally the database can be installed in a RAC environment and many clients do so.
Finally you can simply install multiple application servers but they should have their own unique instances and should not be active-active.
So to summarize:
1)  App Servers: You can install as many as you like as long as they have their own instances. They are not tested with active-active MSCS.  
2)  Web Servers: can be installed as active-active.
3)  The database can use Oracle RAC