Can we have different timeout values in ServiceDesk for users and web service sessions?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The default timeout for both web service session and ServiceDesk is 60 minutes. This document explains if different session timeout can be setup for ServiceDesk users and web service sessions.


Session timeout is the number of minutes a session can remain active before it gets expired. This value by default is 60 minutes for ServiceDesk web client and also for ServiceDesk web services. However, this can be changed.

Different timeout values can be set for ServiceDesk web client and web service session. This is possible as the web services session timeout is controlled by the option webservice_session_timeout value in options manager of ServiceDesk and the ServiceDesk web client timeout is controlled by the value specified in web.cfg file.

Steps to change the default timeout for web service sessions in ServiceDesk:

  1. Login to ServiceDesk as Administrator

  2. Go to Administration->Options Manager->Web Service

  3. Click on webservice_session_timeout option. See Fig 1

    Figure 1

  4. In the option detail window, change the time out to a desired value. See Fig 2

    Fig 2
    Figure 2

  5. Click on Save.

  6. Recycle ServiceDesk daemon servers/services.