Can Virtual Appliance be run on Separated machines to prevent overload all in one machine.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Need to separate the Virtual appliance in solutions as: (1) Identity Portal appliance, (1) Identity Menager, (1) Provisioning Manager with Connector Server, (1) Governance Minder, and the database is an external DB

It's possible to separate the suite in various servers ?


The vApp only allows "complete" deployments where an Identity Suite front-end product or set of products are in a fully working state. The options that are supported are:

  1. Identity Governance only
  2. Identity Manager only
  3. Identity Manager + Identity Portal
  4. Identity Manager + Identity Governance + Identity Portal
  • Each option can be optionally added with the Central Log Server
  • Each front-end product has backend dependencies which must be fulfilled, for example - Identity Manager requires a database, a User Store and a Provisioning Server.
  • If you deploy a given component more than once (i.e. multiple instances of a component, each installed on a separate server) - then it is automatically configured as a cluster and becomes highly available.
  • IMPORTANT: please be aware that the support options refer to a full deployment and not to a single server!
    i.e. each such option can be distributed across any number of servers (you have the full flexibility to decide which server will run which component, or components) -> and you are not limited to having a single component on a single server (the only effect of having multiple components on a single server is that additional memory footprint will be required from the server).

 For a typical deployment, all that's needed for a vApp supported deployment is to add a User Store component (you can optionally run it on an existing server, for example - the Identity Manager server).