Can timesheet transaction properties be changed due to a rate change?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There are times where it the actual cost or rate was realized to be incorrect in PPM.

They typical UI steps to adjust the transaction is as follows, excerpt from

If the financial posting module is used, be sure to follow the sequence of actions depending on the type of transaction.
The full Rate Matrix Extraction job will need to run and complete before any of the posting jobs are ran.


Transaction originCorrecting/Adjusting the transaction

For timesheet transactions,
a. Post TImesheets

b. Post Transactions to Financials

c. Post to WIP (if XOG/manual transactions). This job is not listed in Reports and Jobs > Available but from Home > Financial Management

To adjust a timesheet transaction,
a.Perform a timesheet adjustment. (The timesheet needs to be changed in order for the Post Timesheets job to process the adjustment.

b.Run the following jobs:
-Post Timesheets

-Post Transactions to Financials

-Post to WIP


If there are no changes in timesheet hours, WIP adjustments with the 'Calculate New Rates' option can be performed.


If there are changes in hours, do NOT perform a WIP adjustment on timesheet transactions.


Do not perform the adjustment until it is identified that there is a mismatch between these 
as the mismatch needs to be corrected the first.


Take caution because if the assignment actual cost is already not matching WIP, this method will not fix the amount, but will just adjust it based on what changed in WIP.
For example, if the assignment cost = $100 and WIP cost = $150 for same transaction


(PRASSIGNMENT.actcost_sum = 100 vs. PPA_WIP_VALUES.AMOUNT = 150)
If you WIP adjust the transaction for +$25, the actual cost is now $175.

For manual transactions,

a. Post to WIP

b. Import Financial Actuals

To adjust a manual transaction,

a. Home > Financial Management > Create WIP Adjustment
-Set 'Quantity' to be the desired number of hours (never a negative quantity)
-Set 'Cost' to be the desired actual cost rate (never a negative rate)
-Checkmark 'Calculate New Rates'
b. Approve the adjustment via Home > Financial Management > Approve WIP Adjustment

For XOG transactions,

a. Post Transactions to Financials

b. Post to WIP
c. Import Financial Actuals

To adjust a XOG transaction,

a. Home > Financial Management > Create WIP Adjustment

b. Home > Financial Management > Approve WIP Adjustment


### Consider the following setup, example:

1. Rate Matrix configuration in Administration > Finance > Manage Matrix > Matrix

Date,Rate Matrix Property,Rate
1/1/16 to 12/31/16, A = $50  USD
1/1/16 to 12/31/16, B = $100 USD

2. Full Rate Matrix Extraction job is ran.

3. Enter the original timesheet.

Monday:  3 hours x $50 USD = $150 USD
Tuesday: 4 hours x $50 USD = $200 USD

4. Post Timesheets job is ran.

The actual cost is:
Monday:  $150 USD
Tuesday: $200 USD

$350 USD is the actual cost, which comes from PRASSIGNMENT.actcost_sum

### It was then realized that the transaction properties needs to be changed, therefore the original timesheet is adjusted and posted.

Monday:  3 hours x $100 USD = $300 USD
Tuesday: 4 hours x $100 USD = $400 USD

$300+ $400= $700 USD is now the actual cost.

If the Post Transactions to Financials job and Post to WIP job is ran, it is now in the PPA_WIP table.

Instead of performing a timesheet adjustment, which requires a change in the timesheet, a WIP adjustment can be performed.

If there is no change in the number of hours (actual units), 

1. Perform a WIP Adjustment via Financial Management > Create WIP Adjustment
a. Change the transaction properties.
b. Checkmark "Calculate New Rates"
c. Click Save.

2. Financial Management > Approve WIP Adjustment 

a. filter for the transaction
b. Checkmark the transaction.
c. Click Approve