Can the size of the eHealth log file messages.stats.log be controlled?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The messages.stats.log file on the eHealth server appears to grow with enough frequency that it begins to lose older messaging that requires review. Can this file be controlled beyond the out of the box functionality so it maintains more messaging than normal?



The file $NH_HOME/log/messages.stats.log contains information that gets displayed in the Statistic Poller UI, in the messages area.


To change the size of this file, You must edit the NH_POLL_LOG_SIZE environment variable.


To make the messages.stats.log file cover more time and store more messaging for later analysis we must make the default value larger. The default file size (bytes) is 1,000,000 and would appear as:



On UNIX change it with the following steps:

Add the following line to the file $NH_HOME/


For example it might be doubled to:


Add the following line to the file $NH_HOME/nethealthrc.csh.usr:

setenv NH_POLL_LOG_SIZE=2000000

On Windows:

Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Advanced Tab > Environment Variables > Adjust the value for: NH_POLL_LOG_SIZE


NOTE: When making this change, be sure to account for the increased disk space the larger log is capable of consuming to ensure a full disk scenario isn't encountered. That would result in a down eHealth server.