Can TDYNCOPY be used to copy POWER POFFLOAD tapes that are controlled by CA DYNAM/T?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are in the process of migrating to a new IBM VTS System. We have some CA Dynam/T for z/VSE controlled POWER POFFLOAD Backup tapes which have to be copied to the new IBM VTS Library.


Can we use the CA Dynam/T for z/VSE program TDYNCOPY to do this ?



NO, because POWER POFFLOAD tapes have a special format. 
There is a Tape Mark between EACH spool file, so TDYNCOPY cannot be used to copy these tapes.

Additional Information:

We recommend using DITTO.

The following JCL EXAMPLE could be used:


// JOB DITTO                                                                // TLBL INPUT,'BACKUP.RDR.QUEUE',,,,,,8        "input tape with HOLD Option"             // TLBL OUTPUT,'BACKUP.RDR.QUEUE.COPY',,,,,,8  "output tape with HOLD Option"            // EXEC TDYNASN                                                             OPEN INPUT,SYS005,INPUT               "AVR the tape and position after TM"    OPEN OUTPUT,SYS006,OUTPUT             "AVR the tape, write VOL1/HDR1/HDR2 TM" /*                                                                          // UPSI 1                                                                   // EXEC DITTO                                                               $$DITTO TT  INPUT=SYS005,OUTPUT=SYS006,NFILES=EOV  "copy all the files on Tape"      $$DITTO RUN INPUT=SYS005                                                    $$DITTO RUN OUTPUT=SYS006                                                   /*                                                                          /*                                                                          // EXEC TDYNASN                                                             CLOSE INPUT,SYS005,INPUT                    "update Dynam audit file"               CLOSE OUTPUT,SYS005,OUTPUT                  "update Dynam audit file and Dynam catalog (CAICATL)  /*                                                                          /&

 Ensure to test the resulting tape copy by doing a POFFLOAD restore before COPY a second tape.