Can't synchronize alarms between CA UIM and CA SPECTRUM, with bidirectional integration.

Document ID : KB000113523
Last Modified Date : 13/09/2018
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Problem related to CA UIM and CA Spectrum bidirectional integration.
On primary hub, spectrumgtw probe has been configured via Admin Console, but a lot of CA UIM alarms, don't appear on Spectrum console (about 20 alarms of 443 listed in UIM are displayed in Spectrum...) 
UIM 8.51
spectrumgtw probe 8.65
Spectrum 10.2.3
The problem was due to a wrong setting in spectrumgtw probe: Landscape not set to handle but to name.
Problem solved by setting, in spectrumgtw probe configuration, the Landscape to name and not to handle:
- open admin console
- select spectrumgtw, clcik on ... and click on Configuration
- in 'Spectrum Selected Landscape' put the name of the landscape (do not use the handle)

The above is confirmed by the documentation, in "Deploy and Configure the Probe" section inside "spectrumgtw AC Configuration":

Spectrum Selected Landscape: Specify the SpectroSERVER under which UIM-managed device hierarchy is created/displayed in the OneClick view.

Note: When the spectrumgtw probe is upgraded to 8.65 or later, you must provide the landscape name (not the landscape handle, ex 0x10000000) in the Spectrum Selected Landscape field.

Additional Information:
Documentation of spectrumgtw AC configuration: