Can't setup CA PPM and MS Project integration. Fails.

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Last Modified Date : 27/07/2018
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End user is trying to set up CA PPM and MS Project and encounters "general" difficulties.

Such as:
* Cannot download MPP (RW) from CA PPM (Clarity).
* Cannot integrate MPP (MS Project) with CA PPM.
This version advice is current as per CA PPM 15.4, July 2018.
It is best for the CA PPM site administrator to build and provide a run sheet to end users, so that they know how to configure their computers for the CA PPM to MS Project integration.

There are quite a few steps, and it is possible for end users to go wrong. So any documentation that a site builds to handle a common task like this will reduce issues reported.

The scenario as given above is quite generic. So here is some general trouble-shooting to start an investigation.

Most issues arise from a version mismatch: 

* Using MS Project 365 version. This is NOT supported 

* Using the CA PPM 64 bit MS Project download on a 64 bit Windows client, when the MS Project is actually 32 bit installation. 
The CA PPM download needs to MATCH to the MS Project bit version, and NOT to the client operating system bit version. 

* Using MS Project that does not have certified patches for CA PPM. 

The next most common group of issues, arises from a setup issue within MS Project itself. 


1) You may find the higher lever version of MS Project from the "About" box within MS Project (eg MS Project 2016 32 bit). 

Check the versions of: 

* CA PPM (From About) 
* MS Project (Basic level, from About. But for detail see link below.) 
* CA PPM integration choice. 

Note that the basic version check will probably suffice in the first instance, but if this issue needs further CA Support, we will need the exact version from here: 

2) Check that the combination of the above is a certified mix. 

* The certified patch for MS Project 2016 that is known to work with CA PPM 15.4 is KB3114714. However, any patch up to KB4018320 should work without issues. (Higher versions after that have not been through QA at this point, and may work. But moving to a version within that range is required for troubleshooting.) 

* For MS Project 2013, all MS Project requires patch SP1 (KB2817433) as a base, and is certified at KB3114739. 
However, versions that have been through QA range from KB3115040 to KB4018335. 

* As above, Office 365 versions of MS Project are not supported. 

Please see your site administrator if MS Project needs upgrading.

3) If there are incorrect versions: 

* It is best to do a clean uninstall following these instructions, and start again: 

* The full setup is documented here: 

* Once a clean install is done, use the setup from the above DocOps, which also has a document with screenshots here. 
NOTE: These changes must be saved for ALL PROJECTS and not just the open Project. 
How to Configure Default Settings in Microsoft Project to use with PPM 

* Please use the new driver, rather than the Legacy Driver. (This will say "Legacy" in Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. The new driver does not say "Legacy.")