Can't modify the name of a client tenant

Document ID : KB000094851
Last Modified Date : 08/05/2018
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Can't modify the name of a client tenant that is seen in the vertica database multiple times.  The following query in vertica shows the tenants:
to_timestamp(ai2.effective_date / 1000 ),
to_timestamp(ai2.insert_date / 1000),    
ai2.string_value AS TenantName,
ai2.item_id as item_id   
FROM dauser.attribute_instance ai2
INNER JOIN dauser.attribute at2 ON ai2.attribute_id = at2.attribute_id
INNER JOIN dauser.qname qn2 ON qn2.qname_id = at2.attribute_qname_id  AND qn2.qname = '{}Tenant.Name'
ORDER BY ai2.string_value, ai2.item_id ASC;
CAPM 3.x
1. In a browser bring up the list of tenants http://<DA>:8581/rest/syncabletenant/
2. Identify the rogue tenants you want to remove and note their ID's
3. Use a REST client to send a DELETE rest call to /rest/syncabletenant/ID for the bad tenant IDs that aren't synced to PC.
4. Change the tenant name through the CAPC UI and allow the change to synch down to the DA
5. Stop / Start the data collector so the /opt/IMDataCollector/apache-karaf-2.4.3/etc/ config file is updated with the correct tenant name

The tenant will now be renamed successfully