Can RC/Migrator or RC/Update generate DSNTIAUL steps through Model Services to unload data?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The following is a sample DSNTIAUL Model Services model:

           SPACE(xxx,xxx) TRACKS CATALOG   
           SPACE(5,1) TRACKS CATALOG    
    .ALLOC FI(SYSIN)    DA('') SHR  
    .CALL DSN PARM(ssid)             
      RUN  PROGRAM(DSNTIAUL) PLAN(xxxxxxxx) -   
    .FREE FI(SYSREC00)               
    .FREE FI(SYSPUNCH)               
    .FREE FI(SYSIN)                       

Do the following:

  1. Template a model within RC/MIGRATOR profile option 6 Utility Model Services.

  • Replace the contents of the UNLOAD model with the above model filling in the 'X's with appropriate symbolic variables for things such dataset names and space allocations. (You don't want to make this type of change to the install created @DEFAULT model since the entire contents of a utility are getting replaced.)

  • Then analyze your strategy pointing to this new model.
    *   N O T E    N O T E   N O T E   N O T E   N O T E   N O T E   *
    * -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --     *
    *   You can only use this DSNTIAUL model with objects being         *
    *   migrated, no altered objects. It won't be able to handle                   *
    *   converting the data like the Batch Processor Unload can.               *
  • Next run the analysis dataset thru the Batch Processor with the Batch Processor Interface screen flag UNLOAD MODE set to 'U' so that only the unloads get processed.

  • Then you need to incorporate the load cards included in the SMPPUNCH dataset generated by the DSNTIAUL step above into the corresponding load steps.

  • Lastly run the analysis dataset thru the Batch Processor again this time with UNLOAD MODE set to 'N'. This will only process the load steps.