can pdm_mail utility send email to multiple recipients at the same time?

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Last Modified Date : 07/06/2018
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when use of pdm_mail utility to send automated notification via external ways... is it possible to send notification via pdm_mail to multiple recipients? That is, is it possible to list recipient email addresses like email-address1; email-address2; email-address3 etc
Service Desk/CMDB 12.9, 14.1, 17.1 on Windows/Linux/Unix
Sometimes administrators want to use pdm_mail utility for custom notification method or even  external  script to send emails and would like to know if multiple 
recipients is possible
Currently this is not possible. This utility allows one recipient only with 
flag. This utility does have the ability to send email to CC and BCC recipients using -o and -u flags. For example
pdm_mail -i -s testing -e email-address1 -o CC-emailaddress -u BCC-emailaddress -q
Also notice that you could run this utility multiple times in your script so multiple recipients receive the same email almost at the same time.