Can no longer select F5 tab templates after updating F5 device type to load balancer

Document ID : KB000121609
Last Modified Date : 28/11/2018
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Updated DeviceTypes.xml on Data Aggregator so SyObjectID of F5 device appears under LoadBalancer only, overriding sysServices, and nor the F5 specific tavs have disappeared for that device and cannot be chosen as templates.
CA performance Management 3.6.1
There are four original main device/context types, router, switch, server, device (other) 

The new types (LoadBalancers, WirelessControllers, Firewalls, WirelessAccessPoints) are meant to be used in addition to these types.

To preserve the original type:

1) For all sysObjectIDs in a section add sysServicesOverride="false" as follows:

<LoadBalancers sysServicesOverride="false"> 

Or you can do so for indivisual sysObjectIDs: 

    <sysObjectID sysServicesOverride="false"></sysObjectID> 

Alternately if you think the original type is incorrect (router instead of other for example) also add the sysObjectID to the appropriate section for that original type.

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