Can JCL libraries be concatenated in CA 7?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document describes how to add an alternative JCL library to be searched prior to the job's default JCL library. See the CA 7 Systems Programmer Guide for more information on the JCL statements in the Initialization File and the CA 7 Database Maintenance Guide for information on the DB.1 screen.


You can have an override library defined in CA 7 which can be used for one-time changes to JCL. You can also define a JCL library to be searched prior to a job's default JCL library much like concatenating the JCL files. JCL libraries are defined with JCL statements in the Initialization File (the UCC7IN DD in the CA 7 procedure names this file). You can use the ALT= keyword on a JCL statement to specify the INDEX value from a previously defined JCL library that will be searched prior to this one. For example:


The CA 7 CPU JOB DEFINITION (DB.1) screen has the ID field under JCL. This field associates the INDEX value on a JCL statement with where the job's JCL resides. In the above example, if the DB.1 screen for a job has ID: 002, when the job comes into the request queue, library MY.OTHER.JCL.LIBRARY is searched first to see if the member exists--if so, it is used, otherwise, the default MY.JLC.LIBRARY is used.

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