Can I rename my zFS files for Common Services?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I need to rename my zFS files for Common Services because we have a different naming standard for zFS vs. normal PDS files. I would like to unmount the zFS file and rename my Common Services zFS file defined for Tomcat. The USS PATH entry for the Common Services DDDEF entry would stay the same. I will then mount the zFS file (same file with new name) to USS.

I installed CA Common Services using CA Chorus Software Manager (CSM) and realize that CA CSM has several USS files that it uses internally. I do not want to change any of them. I only want to change the name of the zFS file for Common Services Tomcat.



Would this planned procedure cause a problem?

How does CA CSM determine the name of the zFS file to mount to the Tomcat SMP/E PATH entry?

Does Chorus mount the file for me? Is it my responsibility to maintain the USS files which are mounted to USS for SMP/E?



There is no problem with the renaming of the Tomcat zFS filesystem. As long as the mount is updated to specify to the new name you should be fine since the SMP/E defined DDDEFs will be referring to the mount PATH. There is nothing within CA CSM that controls the mounting of the Tomcat zFS filesystem. All CA CSM knows is the information contained in the SMP/E CSI in which the Tomcat common service is installed. CA CSM does not mount this filesystem beyond the initial installation jobs. It is your responsibility to manually mount the Tomcat filesystem or add the necessary mount statements to BPXPRMxx to have it mounted when the system is started.