Can I disable the PF1 Help and also the "H" for help from panel TEN0041

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Last Modified Date : 15/05/2018
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We are replacing a customer menu application with TPX and do not want the users to be able to accidently bring up the Help panels.

TPX will run in Transfer option mult mode but users will not use as a multi session application.

I have removed PF1 = HELP and H =Cmd Help from displaying on the TEN0041 panel, but customer is asking if we can disable PF1 and also if "H" is entered on the command line so users can not accidentally pull up the Help panels.
Can I disable the PF1 Help and also the "H" for help from panel TEN0041?
You should also consider same for TEN0010, the panel you get if you scroll right on TEN0041, if that would be necessary.

While we do not recommend removing access to online help, here are several options:
  • command exit (TPXUCMND) to change a PF1 key to something else,
  • disable the /h command in user command class
  • change the help panels to contain different text.
The easiest approach would be to provide alternate help panels HEN0041 and HEN0041M (in a library concatenated ahead of the delivered TPX panel libraries). This would remove the need to modify TEN0041 and TEN0010 as well as avoid implementing the Command Exit TPXUCMND to intercept the HELP command.
Additional Information:
TPX 5.4 Command Exit - TPXUCMND