Can I delete a Department or Location?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The only time when a department can be deleted is when it is not associated with an investment, resource, location, chargeback rules, not referenced in ppa_wip, and not in financial plans.


Can I delete a Department or Location?


To check if department/location is referenced in WIP, run the following query:

select project_code from ppa_wip




group by project_code

If it returns a non-zero value, then the reference exists

The only time a record is removed from the WIP is when the purge Financials Tables job is run against the project. The job Permanently deletes financials plans and financials transactions (WIP) from the selected project. WIP reversal, adjustment, or transfer will not do it 

To see if any investment or resources are associated with the department or location:

Go to the Department or Location properties page > Investments tab, click 'Show All; repeat the same on the Resources tab.

On any investment or resource instance shown on the tabs, you can change the department and location values from the financial properties page. For investments you can only change the department to another one within the same entity if the investment has any financial plan; ensure this investment doesn't have any transaction on the invalid transactions page or waiting to be posted to WIP.