Can I create a Javascript calculator that generates & stores metric with demical values?

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Last Modified Date : 21/05/2018
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I have written an Introscope Javascript calculator to convert milliseconds to seconds, for an Average Response Time metric.

For example: 1500 milliseconds to 1 second.
However, our operations team would like the value to be converted to 1.5 seconds instead of 1 second.
Is there a way to store decimal values in CA APM Introscope?
CA Application Performance Management (APM) 10.5.x
There is no way to store decimal value in the SmartStor database, it only stores Integer value.

The only way you can display a decimal value in a metric is to display it as a String, using the StringEvent metric type. However, this metric type is not stored in the SmartStor database, hence there will not be historical value available. There will also not be a graph plotted for this metric type. It is mainly used as a live or current status indicator.

Depending on what is your monitoring needs for this metric, the Value Format properties in the Introscope Report Editor may address the needs. It can be used to control the display format of table values or Y-axis. For example, the following option can be used to show milliseconds in seconds, for metrics whose values are milliseconds:

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