Can I Convert SMU For IMS 10.1 Without implementing IMS 9.1 first - and does it have to be done before starting IMS 10.1?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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IMS 10.1 does not support the IMS Security Maintenance Utility (SMU). SMU controls from previous releases will need to be converted to CA ACF2 resource rules.

You will need to convert SMU controls to CA ACF2 resource rules before starting IMS 10.1 with the ACF2/IMS interface active.


Converting to CA ACF2 resource rules from SMU can be done before or during the upgrade to IMS 10.1.
The CA ACF2 IMS SMU Conversion Utilities do not interact with IMS directly and so they can be run whilst still upgrading to IMS 10.1
The utilities can be run at any time using SMU input. They will not affect the existing SMU security and IMS does not have to be active for the utilities to be run.
There are three provided utility programs ACFDCSM1, ACFDCSM2 and ACFDCSM3 - their functions are described in the CA ACF2 IMS Support Guide in appendix A.
ACFDCSM1 needs to run on a CA ACF2 system that has the CA ACF2 Control(IMS) records for the IMS region (division) whose SMU input is being converted.
The implementation of external security in IMS can only be done with IMS 9.1 or above.
We recommend that the conversion be implemented with IMS 9.1 if possible. That way, if there is a problem with the SMU conversion, you can back out to native SMU security, however, if you do not have an IMS 9.1 system to convert, you can convert the pre IMS 9.1 SMU directly with IMS 10.1, but there is no back-out or recovery available because pre IMS 9.1 systems do not support external secuirity.

For more about the CA ACF2 SMU conversion utilities, please see the CA ACF2 IMS Support Guide: Appendix A.