Can I configure the DXgrid datastore backup location?

Document ID : KB000053538
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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By default the online DXgrid datastore backups are stored in the same folder as the live DXgrid datastore. But you can configure a data DSA to store the DXgrid datastore backup files in an alternate location. This saves on disk space if your backup location is located on a network SAN or other off server storage medium.


In order to create an alternate backup location for your DXgrid backup files you should:

  • Create a folder to store the backups in (as user DSA) - e.g. /tmp/dxgrid-backup

  • Set the configuration item in your DSA's config - Add it to the bottom of the DXHOME/config/servers/dsaname.dxi initialization file.
        set dxgrid-backup-location = "/tmp/dxgrid-backup/";

  • Stop and restart your DSA.
        dxserver stop [dsaname]
        dxserver start [dsaname]

  • Connect to your DSA's console port
    telnet localhost [console port]

  • Type in the following command:
        dump dxgrid-db;

  • Once the backup is running, the following will be displayed in the DSA console:
        dsa> dump dxgrid-db;
        dump dxgrid-db;
        Starting dump
        Dump started

  • In the warn log for the DSA, the following messages will be recorded.
        WARN : Dump started
        WARN : Dump completed, 0 fragments

  • Once the warn log indicates that the dump is completed, change directory to your backup folder. e.g. /tmp/dxgrid-backup and you should see the DXgrid ".zat:|.zdb|.zoc" files present.