Can I change the database username and/or password without having to reinstall or reconfigure ITPAM?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Instructions on changing the database username and/or password for ITPAM


  1. Stop PAM Orchestrator(s).

  2. Open a command prompt and CD to <pam_install_dir>\server\c2o directory. You should see a script to encrypt password (eg: PasswordEncryption.bat if on a Windows system)

  3. Run the command to encrypt the new password.

    PasswordEncryption.bat "newPassword" ( shows encrypted password on the command prompt)

    PasswordEncryption.bat "newPassword" > encrptPass.txt (saves the encrypted password to a file for ease of copy paste)

    Repeat this step if you are using different databases (say for reporting and library tables and have different passwords)

  4. Make a backup copy of <pam_install_dir>\server\c2o \.config\ (eg: rename to Make sure to store the backup copy in a directory outside of the PAM install directory.  Java can still read files even if they are renamed.

  5. Open the properties file and look for *.database.username. You will see either 2 or 3 of these properties depending on the version of PAM you are using. Next to this property you will see *.database.password.

    You will need to modify the properties (username and password) using the corresponding encrypted passwords generated in step 3 for ONLY the ones you want to change.

    Eg: If you are using different databases for runtime and library tables from the reporting tables and would like to change the user / password for DB of runtime and library tables only, then you DO NOT need to change the values for the following :



  6. Save the changes and restart PAM Orchestrator(s).