Can field placement be changed between the primary CA TPX panel (TEN0041) and the panel displayed after PF11 (TEN0010)?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Unless modified at your site, after logging on to TPX the user is presented with the primary TPX menu, TEN0041:

04/16/17         TPX MENU FOR      USERX01     11:03:50    Panelid  - TEN0041 
                                                           Terminal - X99T2681
Cmdkey=PF22       Jump=PF23      Menu=PF24                 Model    - 3278-4A 
Print=NONE        Cmdchar=#                                System   - X99ITPXX
    # Sessid      Sesskey       Session Description            Status         
 _ 01 STARTRAK    PF            STARTRAK Problem Tracking system              
 _ 02 STAR2       PF            STARTRAK Problem Tracking system              
 _ 03 STAR3       PF            STARTRAK Problem Tracking system              
 _ 04 CA11        PF            "USRDCA11" TSO "CA11" SA=11                   
 _ 05 CA31        PF            "USRDCA31" TSO "CA31" SA=31                   
 _ 06 USRDDAMD    PF            "USRDDAMD" TSO "TSO1" SA=01                   
 _ 07 USRDDAML    PF            "USRDDAML" TSO "TSO2" SA=02                   
 _ 08 USRDDAMY    PF            "USRDDAMY" TSO "TSO44" SA=44     N/A          
 _ 09 USRDDAVC    PF            SYSTEMC                                       
 _ 10 USI104ME    PF            "USI104ME" TSO "TSO4" SA=04      N/A          
 _ 11 TPXADMIN    PF            TPX Administration                            
 _ 12 TPXMAIL     PF            TPX Mailbox                                   
 _ 13 TPXVIEW     PF            TPX View                                      
 _ 14 TPXWINDW    PF            TPX Windows                                   
 _ 15 TPXTEST     PF            DYNAMICALLY ADDED SESSION                     
 _ 16 TPXVIEW2    PF            DYNAMICALLY ADDED SESSION                     

Pressing PF11 (usually thought of as scroll right), the user is presented with TEN0010:

                      TPX MENU FOR      USERX01            Panelid  - TEN0010 
                                                           Terminal - X99T2681
Cmdkey=PF22       Jump=PF23      Menu=PF24                 Model    - 3278-4A 
Print=NONE        Cmdchar=#                                System   - X99ITPXX
     Sessid     Vterm      Applid     Connect Time                            
   _ STARTRAK   X99SGP15   A29ISTAR     1:06:41                               
   _ STAR2      X99SGP16   A29ISTAR     0:03:32                               
   _ STAR3      X99SGP18   A29ISTAR     0:00:00                               
   _ CA11                  A11IT225                                           
   _ CA31                  A31ITSO                                            
   _ USRDDAMD              A01ITSO                                            
   _ USRDDAML              A02ITSO                                            
   _ USRDDAMY              A44ITSO                                            
   _ USRDDAVC              A08IVM                                             
   _ USI104ME              A04ITSO                                            
   _ TPXADMIN              TPXADMIN                                           
   _ TPXMAIL               TPXMAIL                                            
   _ TPXVIEW               TPXVIEW                                            
   _ TPXWINDW              TPXWINDW                                           
   _ TPXTEST               A31ITJWC                                           
   _ TPXVIEW2              A31ITECY    



Is is possible to move some fields from TEN0010 to TEN0041 and others from TEN0041 to TEN0010?


YES, you can move fields between panels TEN0041 and TEN0010 by modifying the panels.

More often than not, moving fields between panels would not be feasible. However, it is possible in this case because both screens are using fields from the UENTRY control block which is the control block for the particular user session.

If you look at Appendix B of the Batch Administration Guide, there is a list of "User Variables (by Variable Name)" and "User Session Variables (by Variable Name)". Any of these which begin with either UIDX or UENT could be used on these panels.

NOTE: Please ensure that you keep any modified panels in a separate library and concatenate this ahead of the delivered panel libraries (CB0VPxxx). It is strongly recommended that customer modifications are always kept separate from the delivered product libraries. For example:

 //PANELS    DD DSN=TPX.CUSTOM.PANELS,DISP=SHR << Customer modified panel library 
 //          DD DSN=&TPREFIX..CB0VPENU,DISP=SHR << CA delivered panel library
 //          DD DSN=&TPREFIX..CB0VPENP,DISP=SHR << CA delivered panel library
Additional Information:

TPX 5.4 - Batch Administrating - Batch Variables