Can eHealth poll without sending a ping request?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can eHealth poll without sending a ping request?






Yes. The NH_POLL_PING_DISABLED specifies whether the eHealth poller pings a device before polling it (this is mainly to collect latency statistics).

Default Value

Valid Values 
YES - disables pinging (latency collection)
NO - causes eHealth to collect latency data

Usage Notes
For UNIX systems, setting this variable to ‘yes’ means that the poller process no longer needs to be owned by the root user with the setuid bit set. It also means that your latency reports will be empty or omitted.

By default, prior to sending an SNMP request to an element, eHealth first pings the device to ensure it is reachable from the eHealth system.  The ping that takes place at each poll can be disabled by setting the environmental variable NH_POLL_PING_DISABLED to yes.

eHealth uses the response information from the ping request to measure latency.  Setting this environment variable to ‘yes’ will disable this ping and simply send an SNMP request to each element in the poller.  With this change, there will no longer be any latency information collected from the elements.

Additional Information

For more information on setting environment variables, select the appropriate link below:

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You may also refer to the CA eHealth Administration Guide and the CA eHealth Command and Environment Variable Reference Guide for more information.

To learn how to obtain eHealth documentation, please review tecdoc TEC1878245: