Can CA Symdump for CICS dump read a dump written to the CICS dump datasets?

Document ID : KB000113693
Last Modified Date : 12/09/2018
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The client encountered an abend in CICS which was captured by CICS and written to the CICS dump datasets Dump A or Dump B. Can CA Symdump CICS  be used to analize dumps that are captured to the CICS dump datasets?
CA Symdump CICS only captures transaction dumps in CICS not system dumps. When CA Symdump CICS captures the transaction dump it writes it to the CA Symdump CICS  VSAM file repository PROTDMP file. When the user reviews a dump CA Symdump CICS reads the PROTDMP file and formats the dump. CA Symdump CICS CANNOT read the CICS dump datasets.