Can CA ACF2 protect who submits specific jobs?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can CA ACF2 protect who submits specific jobs?


Yes, with a JES2 validation call under the JESJOBS class. A SAFDEF may be needed to turn on the validation, and the resource name is in the format of:

'SUBMIT.node name.jobname.userid' SUBMIT is the only hard fast name and the other 3 fields are variable. A sample rule would look like this:

PRODNODE.PRODJOB.PRODID UID(your uid string) ALLOW *** This rule allows you to submit the production job ***
PRODNODE.PRODJOB.PRODID UID(-) PREVENT *** This rule does not allow anyone else to submit production ***
- UID(-) ALLOW *** This rule line allows all other jobs

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Details on the JESJOBS resource class can be found in the CA ACF2 for z/OS Administration Guide, Chapter 21: JES Security Overview, Section 'Security Classes' sub-section 'JESJOBS'.