Can Asset Portfolio Management be used to calculate asset depreciation?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can CA Asset Portfolio Management be used to calculate asset depreciation?

CA Asset Portfolio Management, all release levels.

CA Asset Portfolio Management (APM) is not designed to perform amortization calculations. It merely has a field to store the depreciation period associated with the asset. 

Depreciation is not an expression of value, but rather a deduction expense of the purchase price of the asset over the assets' expected life. Asset life, or the amortization period, is usually determined by IRS guidelines. In addition, the depreciation amount of an asset is not always 100% of the original purchase price. Sometimes tax rules require a 'reserve' amount to be left un-amortized.

Also, an asset is not normally insured for its depreciated value. It is insured for its replacement cost, which is often higher than the original asset cost. All of these factors need to be considered when making a decision about how to depreciate assets.

There are several different cost accounting methods for calculating depreciation: straight line, where a fixed amount is depreciated each month, and the more complex 'double declining balance' which calculates depreciation on an accelerated basis.

APM is not designed to handle accelerated depreciation methods.

Some assets are depreciated using the "straight line" method. This can be developed from a simple cost record.

You can develop a simple amortization cost schedule for an asset using a simple cost record and identify the cost item as an 'amortization expense'. In such a case, the original amount, less the reserve, if any, is the total amount to be depreciated. This amount is divided by the number of depreciation periods (usually months) to arrive at the monthly amount. Every month the client pays that month's amortization amount and the unpaid balance of the depreciation plus the "reserve" value is the current depreciated value of the asset.

Please consult with your accountants on the best method for calculating asset depreciation, as the 'straight line' method may not prove the most beneficial depreciation method for your company.