Can a TIM log indicate if it is a restart, crash, or being non-responsive?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  This was created at the Suggestion of APM SWAT and Sustaining Engineering Staff.  A good general reference on signals can be found at


   Is there a way to tell easily from the TIM logs if it crashed or not? 

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Yes there is.

Based on the UNIX signals seen in the logs,  it can confirmed quickly about the restart/crash. 

From the TIM log, if it is getting "SIGTERM", signal 15, then it was manually restarted. If TIM is not responding, then it is "SIGINT" which is a signal 2 kill. 

For a TIM Crash,  generally it gets the "SIGABRT", signal 6, or "SIGSEGV", signal 11, in the TIM logs or stdoutlog.