Can a Report Going to CA View be Forced to be Written to Tape?

Document ID : KB000124300
Last Modified Date : 09/01/2019
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The client sometimes collects very large sysouts to their View database, which sometimes fills their database to near capacity.

Is there a way to force large reports to go directly to tape?

How does View process a report, in collection and backup?
View can write collected sysout directly to tape, so that the sysout (mostly due to size) will never be on the disk layer.

For example, using the following SARINIT parameters:
 . In the above, sysout of class C would get written directly to tape.
 . Note: The class(es) used in TAPECLSL must also appear in CLSL.

View's mode of processing is as follows:
 . A report is collected to the disk layer (unless it is collected to tape).

 . In a View backup are two "phases":
 . . In Phase 1, newly collected reports not yet written to tape, will get written to tape.
 . . Note: At this point, the report is on both disk and tape.
 . . In Phase 2, report retentions are evaluated, for how long the report is to reside on disk, and how long to reside on tape.