Can a CA View Report be Renamed?

Document ID : KB000047027
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can a report in CA View be renamed after it has been collected?



There is no utility, or utility function, available to rename a report in View once it has been collected.


Though it is not possible to directly rename a report in View, to rename a standard text report would involve the following: 

 - Run SARBCH "/LOAD DDNAME=... ...", so that the report can be loaded to a physical-sequential dataset. 

 - Run a job, possibly a utility (like IEBGENER), that will send a report to View, based on a match of the processing criteria (SARINIT CLSL, DEST, FORM). 

 . . Note: The job used to output the report needs to have its jobname be the Sysout ID of the report. 


 - Run ADLIST (SARSAM8), to change the Archive Date/Time to those of the original report.