CAMIMGR abend U0040 reason 000000A8 at restart after activating Restart Manager

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Last Modified Date : 24/01/2019
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I've just activated Restart Manager by modifying the PGM MIMDRBGN with MIMDRRM in my CAMIMGR proc. I found the following lines in the SYSLOG:

MIMRM07I No Steplib found
MIMRM11F Load library for MIM must be a PDS
IEF450I CAMIMGR CAMIMGR - ABEND=S000 U0040 REASON=000000A8 209 TIME=17.55.04
CA MIM 12.5
The MIM loadlib MUST be defined in the STEPLIB concatenation and MUST NOT be a PDSE.
Verify that the MIM loadlib is not a PDSE and define a STEPLIB DD to the MIM startup referencing the MIM loadlib.
Additional Information:
  • Restart Manager requires the use of a STEPLIB; adding the CA MIM load library to the LINKLST is not sufficient. When no STEPLIB DD statement is present, CA MIM terminates with ABEND U40, reason code 164 (X’A4’).
  • Restart Manager requires that only partitioned data sets (PDS) are specified on the STEPLIB, MIMCNTL, and MIMMSGS DD statements. When any of those DD statements refer to a PDSE, CA MIM terminates with ABEND U40, reason code (X’A8’).
  • Restart Manager requires that CA MIM be started SUB=MSTR. This requirement is already met when MIM is started through the Early Start mechanism. When CA MIM is started through a START command, code the SUB=MSTR keyword on the command. When CA MIM is started without the SUB=MSTR keyword, MIM terminates with ABEND U40, reason code 169 (X’A9’).

Refer to CA MIM 12.5 Restart Manager Usage Documentation.