CallAPI error U00003308 Error while receiving error code 11

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Last Modified Date : 30/05/2018
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A CallAPI for Unix is installed on a new server. A script is ran using the CallAPI and get an error:

U00003308 Error while receiving (error code '11'). The connection '' was terminated.

From the command line, execute this command:
traceroute <AE_server_name>  -- for Unix
tracert <AE_server_name>  --  for Windows

1. Working CallAPI agent is installed in the same box as the non-production Automation Engine.  
Result:  This works because it doesn't have to go through many hops.
2. Non-working CallAPI agent installed in a different server.
Result:  This gets blocked because it has to go through 8 different hops before it can connect to the non-production Automation Engine.
3. A Windows CallAPI is installed on a user's local machine.
Result:  This works because it only went through 2 hops before connecting to the non-production Automation Engine.
4. Connect the non-working CallAPI agent to the production Automation Engine.
Result:  This works because it only had to go through 3 hops before it connected.
The issue is not with the CallAPI agent, but with the network connection.
The CA Automic CallAPI agent uses a simple socket connection and based on TCP/IP stack. Thus, it does not know anything about hops and any underlying IP techniques. 

It is out of CA Automic product's scope to control whatever IP stack level that the Operating System is using. 

The problem may or may not be on the hops, but rather, on the timeout or routing issue. 

Unfortunately, there is no settings on the CallAPI agent side that controls this. It will have to be done by the Network or System Administrator as it is external to the product.