Calendar Object Highlights incorrect Days for first week of January when January 1st falls on Monday

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Calendar highlights incorrect day during the first week of the year.

When the new year changes over the calendar object can highlight the incorrect days during the first week of the month. When this happens the calendar is actually working as designed. Please see the provided example below.


Here we can see the FIRST_WEEK_METHOD is set to a value of 7. This means the first week of the year must have 7 days in order to be considered as the "first" week of the year.


Now open a calendar object that has a weekly keyword.

Notice Friday the 5th is highlighted. That week only has 6 days so per the FIRST_WEEK_METHOD that day should not have been highlighted. The expectation is 1/12/18 would be the first date highlighted in 2018. 

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By design
Root Cause: The FIRST_WEEK_METHOD setting is influenced by the FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK setting.

The FIRST_WEEK_METHOD is influenced by another setting. The setting is part of the UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS. It is the FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK.

This is how you define the first day of the week. The following options are available:


Default value: "2" 

"1" - Sunday
"2" - Monday
"3" - Tuesday
"4" - Wednesday
"5" - Thursday
"6" - Friday
"7" - Saturday 

Note the default is 2 which means Monday. If the week starts on Monday then it does actually have 7 days in 2018.

To resolve this follow the directions below:

2. Add keyword FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK with a value of 1
3. Open the calendar and trigger a recalculation. You may need to make some sort of change to trigger this. One option is to create a test keyword and save (it can be deleted after). Once the recalculation is complete you should see the keyword with the first highlighted date on the 2nd week of the year.

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