CA Gen calendar control for Web Generation fails to load in Internet Explorer 11

Document ID : KB000102321
Last Modified Date : 17/06/2018
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An HTML Control containing JavaScript to display a Gen Date field as a Calendar control loads the control successfully for Chrome & FireFox browsers but fails with a JavaScript 'type' error under Internet Explorer 11 (the officially supported browser for Gen 8.6).
For example the Procedure Step/Window TEST_SCREEN has a Date field with name GEN_DATE and the HTML Control HTMLControl1 contains : 
window.onload = function(){ 
document.getElementById('GEN_DATE').type = 'DATE'; 


The IE11 JavaScript error is:
Line: 3 
Error: Unable to set property 'type' of undefined or null reference
Gen 8.x Web Generation
Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) and earlier versions of IE do not support a JavaScript type of 'date'. However the latest Microsoft Edge browser does support the 'date' type.
Use Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers.