Calculating actual date and time from eTCreateDate and eTCreateTime in Provisioning Directory.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Currently in the Admin/Provisioning Directory we see attributes eTCreateDate and eTCreateTime that contain odd numerical values.

For example:

eTCreateDate = 0000110013
eTCreateTime = 0004055600

How do I calculate the actual date and time stamps from these values?


The internally in Provisioning Directory these values are stored as Julian date in "0000YYYDDD" format.

YYY is: current year - 1900 (the '-' represents minus sign)
DDD is: 3-digit day within the year, with leading zeros.

eTCreateDate attribute:

For example if you have: 0000108351
     YYY=108 (which is derived from 2008-1900=108, assuming the current year is 2008)
     DDD=351=16th December.
     So 0000108351 refers to December 16th, 2008.

Using sample in description of this technical document, you have 0000110013, which means:
     DDD=013=13th January
     So 0000110013 refers to January 13th, 2010.

eTCreateTime attribute:

Time attributes are the number of 100th of seconds in the day.

For example if you have: 0004107500

This converts to: 11h24m35s (((11*60)+24)*60+35)*100 = 4107500 (i.e. 0004107500)