CAIENF/CICS support for CICS TS v3.2

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Here we will identify what the requirements are to support CICS TS v3.2. The ENF/CICS component is required for the CA Security products to properly install and interface with CICS regions. This component may also be required for other CA products that install in CICS regions. Please consult the individual CA product documentation for requirements.


As documented in the CA Common Services UPGRAD solution QI89189, in order to support CICS TS v3.2 the minimum recommended release and service level for CA Common Services is r11 SP7. In addition, it is required that solution QO88406 is applied for FMID: CW31000. If you have the ENF/CICS SPAWN component installed, solution QO88413 must also be applied for FMID: CW31001.

NOTE: These published solutions are delivered with CA Common Services r11 SP8

With these fixes applied, you will be able to include '65' within the CICSREL and/or CICSPAWN control options defined in the ENFPARM parameter file.

Implementation of these published solutions, and the changes to the control options will require a shutdown of the ENF address space followed by a restart with the REINIT parameter -


NOTE: ENF must reference the updated modules from either a STEPLIB or the system LNKLIST. If loading from the system LNKLIST, be sure to refresh LLA prior to recycling the ENF address space.

Further information regarding the installation of the ENF/CICS intercepts can be found in the CA Common Services Administrator Guide.